Webinar| Solving I/I: A new approach to manhole remediation



What are the costs of a leaky manhole cover?



Approximately 25 percent of treated water is extraneous water. Meanwhile, 50 percent of extraneous water has likely found its way into your system through leaky manhole covers.

When surface water leaks through openings and cracks in manhole frames and covers, it adds to the cost of treating water significantly. Not only will it cost municipalities more, it can also lead to overwhelmed systems, surcharges and upset residents.

Watch our webinar, Solving I/I: A new approach to manhole remediation, led by Alan Siebenthaler Marketing and Territory Manager at Hamilton Kent, to learn how much water could be leaking into your system, and how to prevent inflow by replacing your manhole covers and frames.

Alan will answer your questions and share information on:


  • How leaks are impacting your system
  • How the Lifespan System prevents I/I
  • A Lifespan installation overview