Webinar | The Lifespan System: Installing a watertight solution



Installing a watertight solution for sanitary sewers



Watertight manhole covers and frames are an important step in keeping your infrastructure from leaking—and throwing your budget down the drain.

The Lifespan® System prevents surface water from leaking through openings and cracks, ultimately keeping wastewater treatment costs under control. They also help keep your municipality safe from the risks of overwhelmed systems and help reduce the frequency of surcharges.

Watch our webinar, The Lifespan System: Installing a watertight solution led by Alan Siebenthaler Marketing and Territory Manager at Hamilton Kent, to learn what steps to take to ensure leaks don’t happen.

This webinar shares:


  • A detailed overview of Lifespan installation techniques
  • How to use tapered risers to ensure proper slope
  • Simple instructions  for the 2nd lift  of asphalt